Saturday, May 8, 2010

Farmer Jane Pairs up with Chef Amy Murray of Revival Bar + Kitchen

The press release is below, but on a personal note, I couldn't be more thrilled to partner with Chef Amy Murray on the launch of Farmer Jane. For over a decade, she has meticulously sourced her foods from the Bay Area's best purveyors for the best flavors and has a big heart for farmers. In this town, it's not as easy as one might think. Managing a multitude of accounts and getting the primo picks all comes with time and care. It's not something that you can start doing overnight. (We're talking about re-hauling the food system and serving food with integrity here.)

After all, there are relationships to be made, food to be tasted, and time not to be wasted. Revival Bar + Kitchen will make the East Bay proud. The name makes sense after Amy explains that the food movement (the one that Farmer Jane works to capture), is undergoing a revival of lost knowledge. Canning, preserving, farming, gardening, community organizing, health; just a few of the old timey qualities and ways of life that again are being revered with the respect that they deserve. It's happening in kitchens and in homes, in schools, and also (finally) in DC where political decisions determine what type of food system is supported by our tax dollars. If you're local, I hope you'll join us for what's sure to be an amazing evening.


, advocates for sustainable food and farming will gather for the release of Temra Costa's first book, Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat. The evening is also the soft opening for Chef Amy Murray's new Revival Bar + Kitchen in downtown Berkeley .

Praised by Alice Waters, Paul Hawken and NPR Kitchen Sisters, Costa's Farmer Jane tells the stories of 30 women leaders who are also farmers, chefs, educators and advocates. "By cultivating relationships while keeping a steady eye on future generations, these women are transforming how we eat through their food businesses and community based organizations," says Costa. "They are also raising the next generation of leaders, farmers, and gardeners - aware human beings that will care for this place long after we’re gone."

Fittingly, the event takes place at Owner-Chef Amy Murray's new restaurant in downtown Berkeley , Revival Bar + Kitchen. Murray has been creating seasonable, organic, sustainable cuisine in the East Bay since 1992, most recently at Venus Restaurant in Berkeley . "Everything Temra writes about and what the 'Farmer Janes' are doing, so creatively and with such love, is what drew me to work with food in the first place," says Murray . "I am constantly inspired by women who roll up their sleeves, bring their hearts, souls and a feminine touch to their work."

The new Revival Bar+Kitchen's menu will support regional organic farmers and local artisan purveyors, with a trio of women chefs, including Murray, Chef Alicia Jenish and Pastry Chef Sasha Dallan.

This event, which includes five women from the book, is also a celebration of all women who vote for sustainability every time they shop, eat, farm, and advocate for change, and inspire us to do the same. Panelists include Costa, Murray and:
- Novella Carpenter, farmer and author of "Farm City"
- Deborah Koons Garcia, "Future of Food" filmmaker and advocate
- Jessica Prentice, Worker-Owner, Three Stone Hearth, chef and author of "Full Moon Feast"
- Willow Rosenthal, founding director of City Slicker Farms, farmer and advocate
- Nancy Vail, founding partner of Pie Ranch, farmer and advocate

All of these Bay Area women are part of what Paul Hawken describes on the cover of Farmer Jane as, "a growing 'womandry' movement that restores people, place, and nurturance back into the heart of our culture. ..women are stepping forward to cultivate biological farming, vibrant communities, and meaningful livelihoods."

"The hope is that the book will inspire women that they too can change how we eat and farm - from mothers to farmers. All of us—as eaters—are involved in creating a system that is more sustainable, creative and nourishing in all senses of the word," says Costa.

- Green garlic and broccoli flat bread
- Platter of local cheeses
- Pickled cauliflower and bread and butter pickles
- Grilled asparagus with romanesco
- Farro salad in a little gem cup

- Pozzi Farm Lamb Ribs braised with marjoram, chili and lemon
- Trio of meat balls
- Pozzi Farm lamb with mint, pine nuts and currant and a tahini sauce
- Vietnamese Long and Bailey Farm pork with cilantro and daikon with a Serrano and ginger chutney
- Lucky Dog Ranch beef with soft bread crumbs and parmesean
- Marinated Local Sardines with dill and pine nut pesto
- Chilled Squid Salad with fresh garbanzo puree and black aioli on crostini

Goat - head-to-tail demo with Chef Alicia Jerish and Chef Samin Nosrat

- Pie Ranch Strawberries
- Sixth Course Truffles
- Revival Pastry (TBA)

- Be the first to try the "Farmer Jane" seasonal cocktail that might just land on the menu permanently
- Local wines

Cost: $10, $25 with signed copy of Farmer Jane

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Panel at 7:15 with Costa, Murray, and the women from the book.
Buy your ticket today at Brown Paper Tickets.

Food generously provided by: Revival Bar + Kitchen, Sixth Course, Pie Ranch, and Full Belly Farm.

Sponsored by: Revival Bar + Kitchen, East Bay Express.